Joseph Minnick - Joseph A Minnick

Washington, District Of Columbia 2 comments

The guy is a certified *** and convicted felon.Do your homework on the Dane County court access webpage before you even contemplate hiring this grossly incompentent ***.

He advertises himself as "JAM home repairs" He is listed on the yellow pages. Take a look at his rap SHEETS, that's right, sheets, with an "s". His phone number is 608-235-0064. By the way, he currently lives in the Madison, WI area.

He has been used by so many people for fraud, theft, writing bad checks, deliquent accounts and then ends up filing bankruptcy.He has also been sued by clients whose homes he tore up and did *** work.



Sorry, I meant to say sued and not used above. He has been sued by so many people for ........


This guy is a felon.Check out his rap sheet on the Dane County Court Access page.

He is listed as Joe Minnick and also Joesph Minnick. Don't end up in a mess like me, do your homework before hiring anyone.

He has been sued by so many people whose homes he f***ed up.On his rap sheet is theft, writing bad checks, possession of firearms...and on and on and on...

This guy is a f***ing joke.

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